Stage Plot

Rider to contract between Purchaser and Summer Son

Thank you for the opportunity to perform at your venue or event.  Below is some basic information to assist with the promotion and advancing of the show.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions

Management PR Requests

Band Management

Justin Sattazahn | 815.630.1169 |

Production / Stage / Technical

Justin Sattazahn | 815.630.1169 |

Advertising Billing

Please ensure that the band is listed as “Summer Son” on all creative assets, advertising, etc.


We want to help promote the event in every way possible.  We post every show that we play to our website and facebook calendar, and

If you have a media list, please forward it to Justin Sattazahn so we can begin outreach.  We are available for interviews! Any assistance you can provide in securing local media opportunities to promote the show will be greatly appreciated.

We will mail posters to you in advance of the show.  If you cannot display posters at your venue for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible.

We are happy to offer music or videos for free download if you feel that you have an effective method of distribution within your market.

Where to Find Us

We would like to exchange links/banners on our official website and social networks.  Below is a list of our official links:

Official Website:




Instagram: SummerSonMusic

Snapchat: SummerSonMusic

We make an effort to seek out official sites, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts of any venue we play, but to ensure that we are referencing the correct sites, please email pertinent site URLs to Justin Sattazahn to ensure that we connect with you in the right places.

Hotel Requirements

If our contract requires hotel accommodations, please provide three (3) double rooms.  Details can be discussed during the advance process.


The band requires eight (8) comp tickets to concert/venue or event with parking passes (if applicable)

Sufficient parking close to stage or loading area for all band vehicles (trailers, vans, etc.)

We have six (6) members and up to two (2) crew members, for a total of eight (8).  Green Room Hospitality should include:

  • Deli Tray or Pizza, Veggie Tray, Regular Potato Chips
  • Bottled Water, Hot Tea w/ Honey,  Cold Beer (Coors Light, Bud Light, Miller Lite), One Bottle Kentucky Bourbon
  • Necessary assortment of plates, napkins, condiments, utensils, ice, etc.

Sound System

All items listed below are minimum requirements if all sound is being run by venue:

  • 1,000 2×15 mains (can be a column with two 15’s or two 1×15 cabinets per side of the stage)
  • 800 watt subs (with one 18 per side of the stage)
  • Six (6) monitor mixes, independent of the front-of-house mix.  All monitor mixes should have an EQ.  All front line musicians use Wireless In-Ears, while Bass & Drums use Wired In-Ears.
  • Five (5) Vocal Microphones – Shure SM58 or equivalent.  4 will be used for vocals, one will be used by the drummer as a talkback mic.
  • Drum Mics for 5-piece kit (Include Overhead Mic & DI for Drum Pad)
  • One live guitar mic (Shure SM57 or equivalent)
  • 4 DI boxes (1 Center stage for acoustic guitar, 1 down stage left for Bass, 2 upstage right for fiddle and banjo)
  • Front of house must be capable of running stereo (no mono systems)


The band is able to provide full sound by request.  Please specify in contract.


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