Work Hard, Play Hard

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Busy week for Summer Son this past week!  After a couple of crazy weekends, we had some time to sit down and rehearse.  We’ve added 4 or 5 new songs to our repertoire with another 10 or so on the way.  Be sure to come out to hear them at an upcoming show!

This past weekend, the band had a great time playing our debut show at Nevin’s Brewing Company in Plainfield. Saturday, we had a chance to play with another great local guitar player.  After a great set by The Messengers at Tailgater’s, Summer Son had Mike Aquino sit in for the night–and there was definitely no shortage of hot licks.   Here’s a short clip of Mike and Brandon trading 8’s:

This coming weekend is another busy one: 3 shows in 3 days! Be sure to come hang out for a guaranteed great time!!!