Buckwild, Hillbilly Stoned

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Hot Damn! What a Weekend! I think we may have actually emptied the barrels over at M.T. Barrels with The Hillbilly Rockstarz. What a crazy night!

We were determined to give Scott from HBR a birthday to remember, but somewhere along the way it became pretty clear that nobody was going to remember anything.

Scott's B-Day

Justin, Scott (HBR), and Brandon

And we had a great time with Line Up & Dance, and all the folks who came out from The HonkyTonk Association. Nothing like playing to a room full of choreographed dancers!

Some Awesome Line Dancing During Our Set

Some awesome line dancing during our set

After about 4 rounds of shots for the Hillbillies, they invited Al up on stage to play Scott’s John Deere Guitar–and then it just got crazy. Next thing you know, Justin is up there too, singing Johnny Cash with Scott. Then the rapping started… Rapid-fire raps from almost every member of both Summer Son and Hillbilly Rockstarz.

Scott (the Guitarist from HBR) ended up taking over for Herman on Drums, so Herman started rapping. Then it became a free for all over on the drum set, with multiple people hitting whatever they could, all without dropping a beat.

These shenanigans went on for about 20 or 30 minutes, when the bar finally decided it was probably time for Scott (and everyone else in the bar) to get some sleep. Here’s a little taste of the final jam:

Well, maybe you had to be there.  If you weren’t, you definitely missed out.  In any case, we had a great time partying with the whole Hillbilly Nation–and we are glad we have a solid week off to recover before the next show.

Come out this Saturday, 10/3–We’ll be at the Stampede Saloon in Manteno. Music starts at 9pm. See you there!