New Member Announcement: Welcome, Conor!

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We want to take a moment to welcome the newest addition to the Summer Son family. Conor Roe will be stepping in on Bass guitar, and we are excited to see where he will help us take our sound.  Conor is an accomplished jazz musician, and it was obvious right away that he could hold down a groove. But after a couple Jamesons, he’s just as Country as any of us.

We’ve been having a great time welcoming Conor to the team, and we’re sure that you will all have a great time listening to him.

Some of you may have seen Conor out at a show, or shaking a mean shaker in our latest Hotel Session. In fact, Conor already has two full weekends of shows under his belt**, including at least 12 full hours of sleeping in cars. He certainly joined during an exciting couple of weeks: Tequila Cowboy Columbus, Juan’s crazy house party, Double Bub City, and our debut at the Square Celt. Both weekends were absolutely NUTS.  Granted, it might have been because of his deep groove, but we are pretty sure he just got lucky.

You can catch Conor at an Upcoming Show, and his full bio is up on the Member Bios page. if you haven’t made it out to see him at a show, be sure to stop by and make him feel welcome!

**We would have loved to announce sooner, but we had to make sure Conor could at least get through a couple shows without falling over behind a venue. 😉